An about me that tries to keep it brief.

About me

I started working on websites in 1997 and gave my first presentation on academic technology in 1999: we presented on Online Writing Labs (OWLs). The faculty and writing center leaders in attendance were largely so unfamiliar with the Web that I spent most of the Q&A time explaining basic functions like uploading.

That’s not the case now, but the networked world is developing and changing quickly and there are always new basics that people haven’t caught up with. Those of us with technical knowledge should see ourselves as gifted with ethical responsibility because of this: digital illiteracy, including digital illiteracy of those making decisions, is a social justice problem.

I take this obligation seriously and try to use my ~20 years of experience working with the Web and technology, my background in writing and teaching, and the privilege of having a leadership role in e-learning and academic technology at the School of Public Health to do good.

A less long-winded version of my experience:

  • ~20 years of work with the Web and technology; spanning disciplines like marketing, front-end development, teaching, instructional design, and administration
  • Taught at Brooklyn College (composition, English literature), Kingsborough Community College (composition), University of Minnesota (composition; digital media production), and Saint Catherine University (digital media production)
  • PhD in Education from the University of Minnesota’s College of Education + Human Development (specifically in Culture & Teaching)
  • Co-founder of MinneWebCon, current conference director