A little more about my dissertation research.


The Dissertation

The formal title of my dissertation is Public Pedagogy and the Experience of Video Creators in the It Gets Better Project (publicly accessible).

What’s in it?

  • A synthesis of the unacceptable¬†situation our LGBTQQ young people still find themselves in due to their school environments (despite the significant gains that have been made).
  • A history of the It Gets Better Project, including parts of an interview with Dan Savage.
  • Based on my research, a process that most video creators went through that had radiating effects in their own lives.
  • Finally, it details two major themes that made the It Gets Better Project novel and important: the freedom for video creators to “speak to the gaps” in dominant representations of LGBTQ people and the personal transformation that some experienced by participating in something they saw as positively affecting others.

Other work

During the push to legalize same sex marriage in Minnesota, I wrote an op/ed for Minnesota Public Radio: Think of the damage this campaign is doing to children who know they are different [title written by MPR]. This was based on my findings early in the analysis of my research, but also on work I was synthesizing for my literature review.